Medical Sheepskin Rug

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Single sheepskin. Evenly trimmed luxurious dense fiber on soft tanned thick leather. (Won't easily mat or wrinkle like cheap skins).

Medical sheepskin can be used as an interface between the bed and the patient. This medical sheepskin by Henan Prosper is ideal for hospital and nursing home patients, wheelchairs, and domestic use for chairs and beds.

The unique properties of wool, as well as its high density of soft but resilient fibers, provide a cushion to distribute and relieve pressure. In addition, the wool's unique moisture absorption characteristics keep your skin dry.

Numerous experiments reveal that wool fibers can absorb up to 33% of their dry weight in moisture without feeling damp. This results in enhanced comfort for the patient and reduction of pressure, friction and moisture, which are the primary causes of ulcers and sores.

These medical sheepskin are carefully selected from top Australian merinos with a large surface area and fine dense long wool.

Wool fibers allow continual circulation of air, keeping the temperature constant. Sheep skin has the unique ability to pass moisture down the wool fiber and then into the leather. This keeps the patient free from perspiration and prevents friction between the patent's body and the bed.

Medical sheepskin can be laundered up to 50 times and achieve high level disinfection that will meet hospital infection control standards.


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