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This wool poncho is perfect for babywearers. It allows you to cuddle your baby close and be cuddly warm, even in brisk fresh air. It has two collars, one for you and one for baby. The wool is soft and does not itch. Wool is a self cleaning agent and usually does not require a lot of care. 
Styled in Switzerland assembled in Poland.

Arm sleevelets available.

Sizes: XS:32/34 S: 36/38, M: 40/42, L: 44/46, XL: 48/50.

Corresponding usa: XS-sz.4, S-sz 6, M-sz.8, L-sz 10-12, XL 14-16. Call or email for sizing help.

Prices: XS and S: $219.00, M and L: $229.00.

Some stock have arm slits in the sides and some do not. The arms slits can be sewn shut if wanted. Either can be used with the sleevelets.

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