Kaiser Eco Mimosa Tanned Lambskin For Baby

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This lambskin by Kaiser of Germany. We use MIMOSA tanning compound, which is extracted from the bark of the mimosa-tree, for the vegetable tanning. The sheepskins are not aggressively pretreated or dyed. The original pigment coating is preserved i.e., natural spots are not covered. The result is a natural shade of beige. The Mimosa can be hand washed but does not handle machine washing as well as the regular sheepskin for baby


This beautiful rug is lanolin rich and comes in a cotton sack instead of plastic. Sheepskin is a self cleaning agent and usually does not require a lot of care. Often spraying it with water and brushing it out will clean it sufficiently. Spot washing is also a great option. Otherwise hand washing is required. A small effort for the peace you have in knowing your baby is sleeping on the best nature has to offer.

The 2nd quality skins are actually the same quality as the new, it is just that the cloth bag they come in was damaged so we discount them to sell without the original packaging


Our fast order processing promise: If we do not ship your lambskin out by the next business day after your payment clears, we will pay for shipping.

Available in 85cm (3 feet long). or we have a double (sewn end to end) Note: length and width will vary a bit as this is a natural product. Tanned in Poland. List price $99.00

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