How we started
We are a small family owned business having been online since 2001. We have 7 kids of our own and are constantly striving to fill their needs. The products we have in our store represent some of what we've found to be helpful in this quest.  Initially we imported and distributed Storchenwiege Baby Wraps  and Kaiser Sheepskin from Germany and later expanded to manufacturing our own line of sand digger toys.  Beate introduced her own unique  designed babywearing jackets under the Suse's Kinder brand.  As our family has gotten older we are adding outdoor items to our lineup that we have helpful living a life on 7 acres in the country.  We enjoy designing and partnering with factories to have unique gloves for kids, pet grooming, and adults.

Our Philosophy
About the owners. Beate Frome is a native of Germany. She is a secondary education teacher but has chosen to stay home to be with her children. She is passionate about natural child rearing and is very interested in parent child bonding and child development. Her brother-in-law is an occupational therapist, one of her brothers is a psychologist, one sister is a kindergarten teacher, and the others are teachers as well. All of them have children and are constantly striving to find the best products to help children get a good start for their lives. We are researching all over the world to bring you the best products available. Kurt Frome who currently runs the day to day business has an MBA from Utah State University.

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